Aranei is a business process information management system specifically designed to facilitate an existing business process by serving information, instead of forcing to redesign a process to serve a system.

As it is built on open source components and open webstandards your data is always under your control and is futureproof.


Many Small and Medium Sized business have started with a couple of partners/employees and have grown from that point to a multi-department operation. In start-ups the usage of spreadsheet based information systems is pretty common and with only a handful of simultaneous users, this works pretty well and is very flexible as data-structures can be altered on the fly. Also because of the fact that social control is in place and data-integrity errors are mostly quickly detected.

But this way of working can quickly reach a turning point where blocking actions by users start to increase, spreadsheets are single-user data containers, and errors start to pile up (sorting on wrong columns, references no longer existing, changes in directory structure break links between sheets, etc, etc, etc). Introducing Aranei, a web-based relational-database-driven system which has been in development, and use, for the past decade precisely with the goal of replacing the spreadsheet but not altering the process of information structure, but greatly improving the overall reliability and accountability of the data.

  • All actions are logged and history is stored, always.
  • Users and profiles are managed centrally from the identity management (Active Directory compatible) system.
  • Authorization management is possible on both process-step, data-sheet (table) or even field-level.
  • Importing and exporting of data is possible from and to a broad range of techniques including other databases, spreadsheets, web-services, etc.

Aranei is designed to facilitate a process, not restructure it. More information on this website will become available shortly, if you have any questions please contact us!